Bradley Walsh divided viewers as host of the Royal Variety Performance

Bradley Walsh ignored Royal Variety Performance hosting advice as fans divided over host

The Chase host Bradley Walsh ignored instructions ahead of presenting the Royal Variety Performance on Sunday night as viewers were left divided over his awkward royal jokes

by · The Mirror

Bradley Walsh was given strict instructions ahead of his Royal Variety Performance hosting gig - that he ignored.

The TV presenter, 63, fronted the annual variety show on Sunday night which saw the likes of Cher, Melanie C, McFly and singer and actress Hannah Waddingham take to the stage. As he took to the stage to open the event - which was filmed on Thursday 30th November at London's Royal Albert Hall - Bradley made a series of awkward jokes that divided viewers.

Bradley was warned not to address or make jokes about the royal family, however he kicked off the show with a series of gags. The Prince and Princess of Wales were in attendance as they sat in the royal box. Bradley had greeted them both as 'royal highnesses' - but struggled to get his words out.

Bradley made a series of jokes towards the Prince and Princess of Wales( Image: ITV)

"It doesn't sound right, your royal highnessesses? There's too many 'ssessess', innit? Your royal highness... your royal highnessesses?" he asked. "It should be like cactus, cactussess, cacti. Your royal highness, highnessess and highni. That's it. I've got it. Your royal highni." Addressing Prince William, Bradley also had a dig about not getting a knighthood.

He said: "I have worked for your great nan, your nan, your granddad, your dad, and now I'm working for your Sir and Madam. And I must say - ask me if I've got an MBE. Nah, ain't got one. Ask me if I've got an OBE - nah, ain't got one of them. Ask me if I've got a CBE - no!" He later barked: "If I don't get a knighthood after this there's no justice."

"They've probably run out because they give them all to people who row boats or people on telly who bake cake." Not done there, the host remind them he had entertained troops in the Falklands and was "happy to make it out alive" while pointing out others got commended for their "Victoria sponge cakes."

Viewers were left divided by Bradley's jokes as they took to social media to share their thoughts. One said: "Bradley Walsh is very unfunny and just very annoying. Opening bit was total cringe." Another added: "I usually find him funny, but him banging on about not getting an OBE etc., was total cringe!"

Someone else commented: "Cringeworthy Bradley Walsh on the Royal Variety Show asking for a knighthood! Whatever was he thinking." However a fourth wrote: "Bradley is great." A viewer added: "Was very funny … where’s your sense of humour gone? thank goodness we’re all different!" One fan quipped: "It's comedy. Satire, even. It's what he does. And he does it well."

Bradley isn't the only host to face criticism for his remarks to the royal family. Last year comedian Lee Mack caused a stir after he made a joke about Prince Philip who died in April 2021 at the age of 99. Addressing Prince Edward and wife Sophie, Lee joked: "I look forward to meeting you both after the show. I've been told all about Royal etiquette. I don't want to make the mistake I made on my first Royal Variety Performance in 2002. Apparently when meeting the Royal family, you should bow your head just at the neck and you never offer your hand until you've been offered it by them.

“And the number one rule which I got wrong last time was to never kiss them on the lips. Honestly, I thought Prince Philip was going to punch my lights out." The gag was slammed for being "took cheeky" following the Prince's death and given the fact the Queen only passed a few months prior.

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